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 Pharmacy :

The Physician, after analyzing the ethnology symptoms etc. Should treat with the as line of treatment and with the right choice of preparation. The real beauty of any establishment is in its self sufficiency with a view of supporting. Pharmacy unit was established on the 1-11-1998.

A Simple unit of manufacture of Taila, the pharmacy has in a period of 12 years, grown itself. to supply all required preparation like. Ghrita, Taila, asavas, arishta Tablets , Capsule etc. Now full pledged commercial unit which is licensed by drug licensing authority. It is certified under GM Pact of Ayush.

Along with the preparation, Pharmacy pharmacy is utilized to give a training for the students & internets, about selection of materials, preparation of medicine & quality assurance. 2nd phase students are compulsorily  posted to the pharmacy to get knowledge of medicinal preparation the pharmacy to get knowledge of medicinal preparation formulation a part of academic practical.

To attain the self sufficiency in production of medicine to cater to the needs of our IPD & OPD full fledged pharmacy established with GMP in 1998. Pharmacy has been licensed by authorities to prepare medicines. Many asavas, arishtas, kashayas, lehyas, choornas capsules,etc. are prepared. The unit has gone full fledged commercial unit now. Students are exposed to the procedure of medicine making.