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 Research & Development :

Research on people bio-diversity register conducted 03 remote villages of karnataka.

Research and Development Unit: Refining the science is the order of the day, the answer to the emerging questions in the medical field is to be done with research. in line with this, the College has got a research and development center to discover novel and. useful things in Ayurvedic medical profession. Conservation of medicinal plants, health care improvements and environmental conservation are some of the areas, presently eminent scholars working in this Institution. CCRAS, New Delhi has been approached in this matter for financial assistance favorable response is awaited.

 Bulletin :

To reach to the masses and about the happenings and achievements of college, to explain about the success and sharing the views and to popularize the science of Ayurveda “SAMEEKSHA” - a bi-monthly bulletin is published since 11 years continuously with free subscription and circulated throughout the country.

Prof.Raghavendra L nominated as [2012-2014] Expert Committee Member on Medicinal Plants, National Bio-diversity Authority, Minister of Environmental and forest, Govt. of India.