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 Rules & Regulations :

1.  Students shall attend the prayer sharp at 9-00 a. m.
2. To attend the classes regularly.
3. Wearing the apron is compulsory inside the campus.
4. Late comings to the classes has to be explained with legitimate reason.
5. Leave application should be submitted to the lecturer concern and to be permitted by Principal. The Principal may refuse to grant
    the leave.
6. Serious action will be taken for Absent without permission.
7. Students shall attend all the examinations and also all the programmes conducted in the College.
8. Students found involved in ragging will be seriously dealt with according to law.
9. Formining group outside the classroom and standing in the corrider is prohibited.
10.The students should maintain silence in the Class room and Library.
11. Students shall not arrange any type of meeting/functions, sports without the permission of the principal.
12.Students, should strictly follow the rules & regulations with regard to Library.
13.Students should furnish particulars of change of address, if any, of their parents/guardians.
14. Use of the Mobile Phones is strictly prohibited.
15. Students may lodge their complaints if any, and such complaints will be enquired and prompt action will be taken.
16. Any irregularity committed by Students will be liable for fines and such fines shall be collected against receipt.
Applicants/Parents/Guardians are informed that it will not be possible to enter into correspondence, with them in connection  with the various provisions in the prospectus. Those who need more details may meet the Principal at the College. For all legal matters/disputes arising out of the provisions of this prospectus, the court jurisdiction will be of Siddapur only.

The Management reserves the right of making alterations to the rules and regulations without prior notice. All decisions or actions taken by the Management are final and not subject to review. Prescribed application forms can be had from the following address. THE PRINCIPAL
SIDDAPUR - 581 355
Uttara Kannada Dint. Karnataka Phone; 231551 Phone & Fax :08389.231036
Email : dhanvantari98@rediffmail.com Web: www.siddapurayuredu.org